Kate Middleton’s Classic (and Gross) Mom Move We’ve All Done a Million Times

April 23, 2014

By: Lori Richmond for TheBump.com

I'm finding it seriously hard to believe that our beloved Duchess, Kate Middleton, is being criticized for wiping baby drool on her dress. She's the mom of a nine month old, people! Let's break the "offense" down, shall we?

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-If she DIDN'T wipe the drool, she'd get criticized anyway for leaving drool hanging off her kid's face.

-They're at the zoo and it looks from the photos to be a lovely day outside, so the drool will dry quickly (especially in direct sunlight!)

-She discreetly and politely wiped it along the bottom of the dress near the hemline, not next to her face or across the chest like some commoner barbarian.

-This is not just any drool, it is ROYAL DROOL. Who wouldn't wipe it on her dress?

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I've done way grosser and more embarrassing mom things than this - like the time I had to catch an airborne baby poo in my bare hand in an airport restroom (don't ask) or staple the hem of my pants back together because I ripped it running out the door to get my son to preschool on time on my way to a big work meeting.

I personally love seeing Kate do "real mom" things - it's clear that her and Will are determined to make their little Prince's life as charmed in reality as possible.

What are the grossest things you've done as a parent?

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