Lessons from a 70+ Year Marriage

Team Mom Staff

Internet sensations Barbara and Harry Cooper, aka Cutie and Pop Pop, were married for 73 years. What was their secret? Joining Away We Grow host Diane Mizota are their granddaughters Kim and Chinta to talk about their book Fall in Love for Life and share some tips.

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How did their grandparents become famous online? Chinta shares, "It was just something fun we started doing. Something that us young people could do with the old people. So we started shooting videos and putting them on the Internet. Eventually the media picked up on them, and that's when they went viral. And people just fell in love with them."

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As for the key to Cutie and Pop Pop's lasting marriage, Kim says, "What we found was that it was an incredibly simple secret. At the core was just respect and wanting to be together. There just weren't any deal breakers. They just had a partnership, and they went from there."

Kim adds, "They always made an effort…to fight fairly, and to recognize that it was possible for them both to be right. And then they would work it out."

For couples struggling with money issues, Kim imagines that her grandparents would say, "Look at where you're spending, figure out what's really important, scale back, and then don't skimp when it comes to something that's really important to you."

When it came to having children, Chinta notes, "They didn't let the kids run the house. They were really focused on their relationship, and when the kids got older and left the house, they still had the relationship to fall back on."

According to Kim, Cutie and Pop Pop kept the spark alive by complimenting each other and lighting up when one would come into the room. "He would say she had the most beautiful legs in town. This is a little tiny 90-year-old lady he's talking about. But to him, it was true."

For Pop Pop, the secret to marriage was two little words: "Yes dear, yes dear, yes dear." Cutie's secret, says Kim, "is to simply love the guy. Love him and everything else will follow." Cutie once said, "I can't imagine anyone else in my life."

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