The Power Puff Girls Get a Girly Makeover

Jessica Ferri

We're very excited to hear that Cartoon Network has decided to bring back the beloved Power Puff Girls for a CG special that will air later this year, but we noticed that the crime-fighters have received a girly makeover for their return to the small screen.

In an image from the new special, tomboy heroines Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are sporting longer eyelashes and prettier hairstyles. They look decidedly more Barbie. Let's keep in mind that in addition to being made of "sugar, spice, and everything nice," the power puffs were also made with "Chemical X," giving them "ultra super powers." From the looks of this image, it looks like the secret ingredient for the reboot could be mascara.

Beggars can't be choosers, but we miss the simpler animation from the original show. Yahoo! Shine reached out to Cartoon Network for comment about the PPG's new look, but didn't receive a response.

The good news is all three actresses who voiced the original girls are returning for the special, in which the Power Puff Girls will be fighting crime not only in their home of Townsville, but all over the world.

And talk about celebrity guests! According to the press release, Ringo Starr has written a new original theme song called "I Wish I Was a Power Puff Girl" for the series. (We know you do, Ringo.) He will also appear as the voice of Townsville's local mathematician, Fibonacci Sequins.

No word on whether or not the character of Fibonacci Sequins was created to encourage young women to get interested in math, but we have to say, if Ringo Starr had been our math teacher it certainly would've been a lot more fun.

Thankfully, our favorite Power Puff Girl, Buttercup, despite the makeover, still bears the same grouchy frown indicating that hopefully she'll be as ornery as ever.