Tough Crowd: 8 Grammy-nominated Songs Critiqued by a First-grader
Kelly Clarkson - "Stronger"
Photo by: Babble
Kelly Clarkson - "Stronger"
Nominated in "Song of the Year" and "Best Pop Solo" categories
"I like this song. She uses a lot of feeling. She's trying to tell someone that they are annoying her. She's trying to say she doesn't really need any other people and that she can take care of herself and that no one can boss her around. Because like she sang in the song, she's stronger."
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"Hey sweetie, wanna help mommy with an article," I asked my 7-year-old daughter when I picked her up from school on Thursday. "Maybe, what is it about?" she coyly replied not unlike a seasoned freelancer. "Well, I'd have you give us your thoughts on the Grammy Award nominees," I informed her. We then spent the afternoon listening to the Grammy nominations in such categories like "Best Rock Performance," "Best Pop Solo Performance," and "Song of the Year." These 8 Grammy nominees, are, in the most part, family-friendly. Check out what my little first grader thought of the Grammy nominees right here: - By Sunny Chanel


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