8 Best Dog Breeds to Take to the Office

By Carol Bryant | Pet360.com

Man's best friend can sometimes be a co-worker. If that co-worker happens to be of the canine variety, imagine how much smoother the work day would flow.

On Friday, June 20, dogs around the world will be invited to join their human counterparts in the workplace for National "Take Your Dog to Work Day." Created by Pet Sitters International (PSI), the very first Take Your Dog to Work Day was celebrated in 1999. Over the years, countless numbers of canines have carpooled to the office for a day of memorable staff meetings, flowcharts, and icebreakers. Now in its 16th year, we rounded up the breeds that are best suited for in-office banter and companionship.

Here's our list of the great eight:

#1 - Mutt

What better way to celebrate the all-American canine-also known as the mutt-than with a special trip to the office? PSI's goal in encouraging businesses to allow pets in the office is a win-win: Non-pet parents can witness the special bond others have with their pets and just might want to adopt a best friend of their own. Never take an aggressive or overly nervous dog into a workplace, as this could do more harm than good. Ask your dog's veterinarian and/or a qualified positive reinforcement animal behaviorist if your pooch is office ready.

#2 - Samoyed

This Nordic beauty dons the famous "Sammy Smile," which is exactly what every work environment could use. Friendly, gentle and devoted, the Samoyed is smart and learns rapidly, so he is likely to outwit any in-office prankster or game play. He likes to keep busy and will definitely talk back if he dislikes something. Insubordination is tolerated on this day. After all-he's a dog.

#3 - Labrador Retriever

Affable and laughable, the breed continues to dominate the American Kennel Club's dog registration listings year after year. Bred to be both a working breed and friendly companion, the Lab is perfectly suited for in-office camaraderie. Good natured, warm and smart, the Lab is the popular kid with the role of forever companion and friend. His tail can clear a desk of paperclips and folders, so keep the paperweights handy when he visits.

#4 - Coton de Tulear

This smart little cutie is bred to be a companion animal, so he makes the perfect at-work pal. Definitely a conversation starter, the Coton is a friendly pooch who loves to socialize. Perhaps a pit stop at the water cooler for some lighthearted doggie gossip is in order when the Coton visits. This people pleaser is sure to gain brownie points with co-workers.

#5 - Pugs

One of the most people-friendly dogs you'll ever meet, fanciers of the breed often dub the pug a little clown. Of course, the more you laugh, the more he wants to entertain, so this pooch makes a fun playmate and at-work icebreaking companion. Known to be a snorer, imagine the grins when the Pug emits his loud but cute naptime sounds throughout the workday.

#6 - Beagles

There is a reason Charles Schulz selected a Beagle to represent his beloved Snoopy character-he is a quintessential charming, social, happy dog with a zest for life. This active breed can get into trouble if left alone too long, so they make a perfect companion for an active person or family. Beagles are food motivated, so keep trash cans out of reach the day they visit the office.

#7 - Newfoundland

This working breed, aptly dubbed the "Newf" is courageous, intelligent and a bit of a drooler. Newfie aficionados share in the sentiment that the clown-like and loyal nature of this breed make them perfect active family companions. Since Newfies prefer colder climates and do not do well in the heat, an air-conditioned work environment where they can socialize and make the rounds in climate-controlled comfort will make them top dog of the day.

#8 - French Bulldogs

The American Kennel Club says this breed is smart but has a powerful penchant to play. Lively but not overtly loud, the Frenchie makes his presence known. He is playful, entertaining, mischievous but funny, so his presence in a work environment will make for a fun day. Famous Frenchies include Manny the French Bulldog, who has amassed over half a million Instagram followers.

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