The Healthiest Birthday Cake You've Ever Seen

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Beautiful, delicious and healthy! What more could you want?

For our last family party, I was determined to create a healthy "cake" as an alternative to the traditional icing-covered kind. After some digging (thank you, Pinterest!) I came across several watermelon cakes made exclusively out of fruit. I fell in love with the idea immediately and decided to put my own spin on it. The result - a healthy cake that is allergen free* and requires no baking or mixing. And my son and husband both loved it!

The directions below are quite simple and there aren't really any hard or fast rules to recreate this cake. Try different varieties of fruit and play with the shape of the watermelon to create your own version!

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-One medium-to-large watermelon (look for one that is smooth and uniform in shape)
-Approximately 2 cups of blueberries
-2 kiwis
-Approximately 1 cup of strawberries
-Any other fruit you'd like to add (Think outside the box, just about any fruit would work!)

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The cake:

1. Cut off both ends of the watermelon. Place it cut-side down on a large cutting board

2. Take a sharp knife and slice off the rind, staying as close to the melon as you can until you have removed all the white and green bits

3. Slice the meon into a cake shape by leveling off the sides and the top

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The toppings:

1. Peel the kiwis and slice them into rounds

2. Use a paring knife (or small cookie cutters if you have them) to cut the kiwi into fun shapes

3. Use toothpicks to attach kiwi shapes to the sides of the watermelon cake. Get creative!

4. Slice strawberries into quarters lenthwise and pile 2 on top of each other in a star formation (or however you like)

5. Add blueberries (and any other fruit you like) for garnish

And enjoy! Since the melon is so soft you can stick any candle in without any trouble, making this a perfect birthday cake.

When serving, make sure that Everyone gets a nice array of fruit with each slice. Remember to remove the toothpicks from the kiwi (no one wants to be eating one of those!) and then you can place the stars on top of the melon. Looks pretty doesn't it?

*Keep in mind that although this is free of some of the most common allergens, some people may be allergic to fruits. Feel free to modify as necessary.

- By Nadia Carriere
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