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1 in 3 singles would rather give up sex than their favourite food

Nadine Bells
Shine On
July 3, 2012

If you'd rather indulge your favourite comfort food than have sex, you're not alone.

A new survey of 4,000 singles claims that 1 in 3 singles would rather give up sex for a year than say goodbye to their favourite foods for the same period of time.

According to the "Love Bites" dating-and-dining survey — a collaborative effort by TODAY.com and Match.com — 39 per cent of women said they'd choose food over sex, while only 16 per cent of single men would sacrifice sex for food.

"Although I am not surprised, it is worrying that such a large number of women are willing to sacrifice sex for a bowl of spaghetti!" Caroline Brealey from Mutual Attraction, tells the Huffington Post.

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An additional 3,500 survey respondents in committed relationships corroborated these findings. Even with a partner, 28 per cent of those surveyed said they'd choose their favourite foods over having sex.

Foods people were willing to give up for sex included chocolate and steak — the top two food-over-sex choices — as well as, pizza, cookies, baked goods, ice cream, chips, Italian dishes and lobster.

Caprese salad, fresh fruit, sushi, gummy candy and pancakes also made the list.

Yes, read that right, some people would give up sex for salad.

Food isn't the only thing people says they'd choose over sex. Another recent survey found that 15 per cent of iPhone users would rather give up sex than their iPhone. And two other surveys found: 44 percent of women would rather read romance novels than participate in sex, and 43 per cent of men would rather give up sex if it meant keeping their jobs.

Why is sex so easily sacrificed — if only theoretically?

"People often say things like they'd pick money or sleep or food over sex," sex therapist Ian Kerner tells TODAY.com. "I think this shows that people take sex for granted, or that they're not enjoying sex enough to really value it appropriately."

He adds that poor food choices could actually be contributing to a lowered libido.

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"In my personal opinion, there's nothing like a great meal to follow great sex," says Kerner. "But if you find yourself picking food over sex, perhaps you need to approach sex a bit more like food and vary your diet."

"Food, sex and courtship go hand in hand in nature," says Helen Fisher, chief scientific advisor to Match.com. "Food also informs: what and how a partner eats. And if they share, this says crucial things about their habits, health and empathy. We are also built to want an adventurous eater, a sign that this individual will be flexible — a vital trait for loving and parenting. And of all the foods we share, there is nothing more primordial than meat. It's no surprise that meat-eaters still want a partner who will give, receive and share this primordial symbol of a budding partnership."

The survey also asked singles about their eating habits and how they dictate their dating lives. Thirty per cent of carnivores surveyed claim they wouldn't date a vegetarian, while only 4 per cent of vegetarians would stay away from meat-eaters. More than 90 per cent of the men surveyed still believe that a traditional dinner date makes for the perfect first or second date.

Is there anything you would choose over sex? Tell us in the comments.

Watch the video below about how you know when a relationship is over.

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