10 most ridiculous relationship apps

Nadine Kalinauskas
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There's an app for everything these days, ranging from the super practical to the outright ludicrous.

And yet when it comes to relationship apps -- you know, that ones that try to save your love life or help you get one -- app makers are not deterred by the emotionally delicate nature of relationships. This does not stop them from coming up with some outrageous ideas.

Here are the 10 most ridiculous relationship apps we've found.

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1. Pick-Up Lines

Pick-up lines are divided among nine categories: Bad, Cheesy, Corny, Flattery, Good, Innuendo, Plain Lame, Sweet, and Worst.

Notice that none of those categories is "successful."

2. Girlfriend Keeper

Happy to be in a relationship but hate doing all that work, like complimenting her eyes or texting happy birthday? Never fear, the Girlfriend Keeper is here.

According to the app's store, "this application allows you to set up automated text messages or emails to be sent to your significant other based on your specified criteria such as 'Relationship Seriousness' and how often you would like to (or are expected to) communicate. Messages will be sent based on your criteria (every two hours to once a month) and will be randomly generated and sent based on your relationship seriousness level. Messages will possibly be humorous but never vulgar."

Users can enter personal info, like birthdays, anniversaries and even eye colour to help the app flirt with their significant others for them.

3. Fix a Fight

Fix a Fight promises to do what the name implies, fix couples' fights.

"Fix a Fight guides you through steps to help you and your partner make quality repairs to relationship wounds. Guided by the soothing and informative voice of marital therapist Mark McGonigle, LCSW, you can get back to where you want to be with each other. It helps you restore your intimate connection after a fight to keep your relationship moving. Working together after a conflict to restore your good feelings will deepen and strengthen the bond you share," the app claims.

The app even provides a report on your "repair work." Yes, this app gives you homework.

4. Feel Me

File this app in the soon-to-be-available category.

For long distance relationships craving a little more physical-touch time, the Feel Me app "shows you where the other person is touching his or her iPhone. When both parties touch the same spot, the area lights up and vibrates," Mashable explains.

Right. Because a vibrating light makes up for lost cuddle time on the couch.

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5. Pair

Pair lets long-distance couples (or just couples who can't stand to be apart during the workday) "ThumbKiss" — here's that mutual vibration again. It also allows couples to sketch together and send cute "thinking of you" prompts throughout the day.

It's essentially social networking for two, which means pet names can be used with abandon.

This one's perfect for sappy sorts — and for nagging girlfriends who like reminding their men of to-do lists.

6. Tokii

Instead of just sending your love a quick "I love you" text, Tokii encourages you to set a daily mood — and then share how your partner makes you feel.

While it may be helpful in prompting emotional sharing from reserved individuals, it could also be dangerous come PMS week.

Bonus: this one's free.

7. Adult Truth or Dare

It's truth or dare for the 17-plus set. It might sound fun, but watching your significant other kiss another woman on a dare — from a phone, no less — is hardly going to bring you closer together.

Whatever happened to strip poker?

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8. iWrite: Love Poems

Let this app teach you to write your love a poem. Better yet, let it formulate its own poem for you and just hit send. She'll never know. (Trust us, she'll know.)

It's also available to send sexy poems.

9. 101 Positions of KamaSutra — Sex Positions Guide

While learning new moves in the bedroom is always recommended, bringing your smartphone to bed with you isn't.

Most ridiculous feature: You can chronicle each sexual experience — with each partner — on a calendar. The temptation to compare is never a good idea.

10. Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder

Exactly as it sounds, this app lets you browse styles, view actual carat weights, and  determine your ring size.

Use at your own risk.