$2,010 raincoat resembling a clear garbage bag now $1,005 – What a bargain!

Nadine Kalinauskas
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It's designer. And it's now half off. But who wants to buy a discounted see-through raincoat for over $1,000?

The transparent shower-curtain-like outwear made headlines this spring when it showed up in Jil Sander's online store selling for a whopping $2,010 USD.

Guaranteed, no doubt, to keep your favourite $400,000 T-shirt dry.

The raincoat is now on clearance for $1,005, for obvious reasons. Perhaps people would  rather deal with soggy days by drying off with $550 beach towels.

If you're one of the few to have already purchased the Jil Sander rain protection — and still have cash to burn — Chipkos' $18,000 flip-flops will surely be a welcome addition to your outrageously pricey wardrobe.

When it comes to fashion, where do you draw the line, budget-wise? If price were no object, would the transparent raincoat end up in your hall closet?

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