2015 food trends to be on the lookout for

2015 food trends to be on the lookout for

What’s going to be big in food for 2015? Everyone is weighing in.

Here’s our take on the hottest food trends we expect to see in 2015.

1. Bone broth.

This winter’s “miracle drink” isn’t going anywhere. Experts expect this nutrient-dense — and paleo-friendly, for those unwilling to let go of one of the biggest diet trends of 2014ancient health remedy will continue being at hit in the new year.

Make your own sipping bone broth using this recipe.

2. Cauliflower.

Already growing in popularity on restaurant menus around North America, we expect to be ordering more cauliflower steaks, roasted cauliflower and cauliflower soups in the coming year.

It’s being called “the new kale.” We’re just hoping it doesn’t take off as a baby name, too.

3. Ugly root veggies.

“In line with growing concerns over food waste, this French-born trend gives misshapen and funny-looking produce a place at the table and in recipes where looks don’t matter,” says the Sterling-Rice Group.

Veggies don’t have to look good to be good for you. According to the consultants at Baum + Whitman, we should prepare to see celery root, parsnips and kohlrabi popping up on menus — and even replacing potatoes? — in the new year.

Want to get a jump-start on the trend? Here’s how to add celery root and parsnips to your culinary repertoire.

4. Fermented foods.

Good bacteria is in for 2015. Say hello to more probiotic yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchee and other fermented veggies.

"We’re going to see much more attention on packaging (devoted) to digestive health," Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert tells the Chicago Tribune. “We’re going to start pickling all kinds of things.”

5. Everything smoked.

Now that we’ve reached peak Sriracha, what’s next? Smoke.

Expect to find more smoked meats, cheeses, and even desserts in the coming year.

According to McCormick’s “Flavour Forecast,” smoked spices and herbs aim to make the trend accessible to those of us without a backyard smoker.

The trend…is really an extension of the art of smoking which has been a popular trend for some time, but this is about providing an easy way to add a smoky note to foods; it’s not about smoking the whole dish, but rather elements of it such as rosemary, cinnamon, black pepper and more. These are familiar flavours with a new taste – we have already come to love smoked paprika and chipotle (smoked jalapeño), so this is a natural progression,” writes Chef Michael Cloutier, executive chef at McCormick Canada, in an email to Shine On.

6. Hummus.

According to Baum + Whitman, hummus is mirroring the earlier rise of Greek yogurt.

Now hummus, once a niche product here eaten primarily by Arab and Israeli immigrants, is following the same trajectory. Google says that hummus has out-trended salsa, no small thing since salsa dethroned ketchup. The chick pea dip has become so Americanized, which means piled with flavourings, that Subway is testing it as a no-meat option for its sandwiches.”

But will hummus ever really challenge mayonnaise in the dip/spread/condiment category? Only time will tell.

Trend perk: hummus-eaters have smaller waistlines.

Here’s how to make your own.

7. The reimagined cookie.

Cupcakes are so 2012.

According to the trend experts at McCormick, the “reimagined cookie” will be big in the new year, like Gingersnap Crème Brûlée, Snickerdoodle Bites with Caramel Filling and Coconut Whipped Cream, and Peanut Butter Snickerdoodle Tart with Cinnamon Peanut Crust.

Sign us up!

8. Japanese matcha tea

Move over, loose-leaf green tea. In 2015, we’re expecting to see this antioxidant-packed powdered bright green tea — called “green tea on steroids” by some — pop up in everything from juices and ice cream to cereals and dog treats.

Unlike other teas, where we drink just the water the tea has been steeped in, with matcha, you consume the entire leaf for a more significant health boost.

What food trend do you predict will be big for 2015?