The 5 most inspiring Instagram fitness accounts

Need a little inspiration to jump-start your summer workouts? We've found five inspirational Instagram users sure to motivate you… all the way back to the gym.

Krystal Cantu:

Cantu is a Crossfit trainer and "adaptive athlete." Despite losing an arm in a car accident last summer, the determined 25-year-old is now "much stronger post amputation," with a personal front-squat-lifting record of 175 pounds.

"I may not have my right arm, but I have the highest spirits and the biggest heart. I work hard because I know I am more than capable of performing at the level of an athlete with two arms," she writes in her CrossFit profile.

"Every day I get stronger and every day I prove to myself that the human body is an amazing thing when you have the right mind set. Never make excuses. Know that there is someone out there that has it worse than you do. Know that with faith, all doors are open. Know that only you have the power to be your biggest enemy or your biggest fan. Stay strong."

Robert Durbin, Rockhardpapaw:

He may only have 5,400 followers, but this 65-year-old is challenging the way people think about fitness.

At age 57, Durbin was out of shape, overweight and barely able to walk without a cane, WHAS11 reports. After suffering a scary descending aortic aneurysm, Durbin was determined to take control of his health.

He dropped signifiant weight, toned up, and transformed his entire body.

He posts photos of his inspiring transformation and workouts on an Instagram account named after what his grandkids call him:

"My grandkids call me Papaw, so Rock Hard Papaw just came to me naturally," Durbin tells WHAS11.

"I'm 64 and I'm doing it. I'm living the dream right now," he told ABC News last year. "I'd like to see more people, especially over 50, get out and do it. Exercise. Do something. They could feel so much better."

Antonia Eriksson, eatmoveimprove:

Eriksson, 19, a Swedish fitness blogger, is a recovering anorexic.

She initially used Instagram to help map her recovery, but now uses it to inspire others and provide support for others struggling with eating disorders.

"Instagram helped me a lot. I found other people who felt the same way or were struggling with battles like my own," she tells the Daily Dot. "We supported each other a lot and when I was feeling low I could always turn to my 'Instagram family' for support and advice."

"I felt I had a responsibility since I had a lot of followers who looked up to me and saw me as an inspiration … it became very important to me to recover in a good way and to stay healthy. To show people that it was possible and worth it."

Caitlin Turner, gypsetgoddess:

Holy yoga inspiration, Batman! This woman really knows her stuff — and happens to practice yoga in pretty gorgeous places, too.

Perhaps most inspiring, though, are the videos she shared earlier this year of one of her oldest clients, 97-year-old Edna. If she can do it, so can we.

Arizona trainers Turner and Anton Mackey regularly work out with Edna.

"Edna's determination and wisdom are very inspiring to me and I feel very lucky to have met her and been able to spend time with her as she trains with Anton," she writes. "I'm so happy that this video, and others recorded by Anton, have been able to reach so many people. I sincerely hope that Edna inspires all of you as much as she inspires me."

Ashley Ringo Walsh, ashruns100s:

Walsh is a wife, mother of two and ultrarunner. She Instagrams gorgeous shots of the terrain she encounters while training for 100-mile runs — and offers some encouragement along the way:

"If fitness is something you dread daily, you are doing it wrong," she writes. "Find an active hobby that you LOVE to do, and you won't ever have to force yourself to do it. For me, that's trail and mountain running and hiking. I just have to be in the woods! Find your fun & the rest will fall into place!!!!!"

Who's your favourite inspiring Instagrammer? And, if you're looking for some workout inspiration, check out the video playlist below.