70-year-old’s awesome reaction to her first roller coaster ride

Shereen Dindar
Contributing Writer
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A new ad campaign from cellphone network Vodafone empowers people to try something they have never done before. ‘Nannas’ are seen flying for the first time, and one thrill-seeking mature woman takes a spin on a rollercoaster, as part of the campaign entitled ‘Vodafone Firsts.’ Vodafone state on the Firsts website, “These incredible stories, and others like them, are here to inspire and encourage people to take that leap and maybe even find their own first.” Credit: Vodafone Firsts

A person's very first roller coaster experience can be fraught with excitement, nerves and terror -- but one way to really up the ante is to wait until you're 70 years old to take your first ride.

Dutch grandmother Ria Van den Brand decided it was time to finally experience a roller coaster ride at the ripe old age of 70, and boy did she ever like it!

She was captured on video laughing hysterically throughout the entire thing. Staying in true grandmotherly poised form, the last thing she asks when the ride ends is, "Is my hair still okay?"

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The video was created by telecom company Vodafone, as part of their 'Firsts' marketing campaign, where they capture people experiencing things for the first time.

Van den Brand's friend, 71-year-old An Bernaards, was also part of the campaign.

Both ladies had never flown on an airplane, so the company filmed their very first time in the air. While Van den Brand took the flight in stride, her pal needed to experience flying in a virtual simulator before she would step on board a plane.

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"When I see those planes hanging in the air, my God!" says Bernaards in a promotional video. "I won't show it too much, but I'm terrified inside."

'Firsts' for other participants include starting a female self-defense fight club in India and launching a multisensory firework display.