$8000 eyebrow transplants? The latest in beauty trends

Are your brows sparse and over-plucked? Are you no longer able to fill them in to create a thick, dramatic arch? Fork over a few paycheques for a permanent solution and stop asking yourself: "How can I make my brows look more like Kim Kardashian's?"

A $4000 to $8000 investment allows women to toss their eyebrow pencils for good. American plastic surgeons have seen a 30 per cent increase in demand for eyebrow transplants, the New York Post reports.

And the trend isn't restricted to North America. A British woman recently made headlines for her £3,500 ($5557 CAD) eyebrows.

"Some people said I was vain, but I worked hard to save up for it," East Lancashire woman Claire Culverwell, 30, who insists she has "no regrets" about paying the large sum for bushier brows, tells the Lancashire Telegraph.

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While most clients request celebrity eyebrows, good doctors should work with each face shape to ensure the most flattering result.

"The transplant process, which was originally developed for burn and dog-bite victims, involves grafting hair taken from the head onto the eyebrow. The price for such a procedure runs between $4,000 and $8,000, and requires about three hours on average," reports MSNBC.

Your new eyebrows will look like the real thing with one exception: they'll grow at the rate of the hair on your head. Frequent trims are necessary.

"We use a minimally invasive technique known as Neograft, where the follicles can be taken out and re-implanted in the skin without the need for stitches. It just feels like you got a sunburn for the day," explains hair-restoration expert, Dr. Alan Bauman.

He continues, "The recovery period is much shorter and, though there is a period of six to 12 weeks where the hairs fall out and reappear as stubble, [as the follicles regenerate] well over 90 percent of the transplanted follicles will grow new hair within six to nine months of the surgery."

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Bauman adds that the transplants have become more desirable in recent years. He now performs three to five transplants a month, twice the number of procedures requested of him in 2008.

"It took about an hour and an half per eyebrow, and didn't hurt at all," raves one brow-transplant recipient, Vinny Sarro, a mother of four from New Fairfield, Conn. "Now you can't tell the difference between the natural hairs in my eyebrows and the ones which were transplanted."

"A lot of women want [to copy] the Kardashians, but Megan Fox is far and away the favorite," says plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, who performs between 12 and 15 eyebrow surgeries in New York and Miami every month.

If you're not convinced to empty your bank account for bolder brows, why not use the magic of makeup to boost your brow size? Watch a how-to video here.