88 per cent of Canadians wish their partner kissed them more

Sheryl Nadler
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Did you forget to kiss your partner goodbye this morning as you sprinted out the door? A new study says you both may have missed that smooch more than you realize.

Just in time for International Kissing Day on July 6, the romantic social media site Zoosk has released the results of an informal survey of 1,163 of their Canadian members that says Canadians want to be kissing more.

According to the report, 88 per cent — men and women — wish their partner would kiss them more, and both genders seem to think they take more initiative than the other when it comes to planting spontaneous smooches — 76 per cent for men and 55 per cent for women. A whopping 93 per cent are just fine with public displays of affection and most of you think a kiss goodbye is more important than a kiss hello.

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And style? Women prefer it French with some (although not too much) tongue action, while men prefer a sensuous kiss on the lips.

So how important is kissing to a relationship? Very, says Vancouver-based couples and sex therapist David McKenzie.

"There's more going on in the initial phases of kissing and meeting somebody than just feeling warm and cosy. It's about exchanging chemicals to see if you're compatible. Exchange smells helps you make sure you're right for each other," he says.

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He suggests that for people in a long-term relationship, kissing is important for maintaining a feeling of being wanted and needed -- something that might be taken for granted between two people starting to date.

"In terms of a long term relationship, any type of physical contact — and kissing seems to be one of the more intimate ones — is important to just maintaining the feeling that you're in touch."

Curious about the Top Five Kissing Turn Offs? The Zoosk survey showed:

1. Bad Breath

2. Too much tongue

3. A wet kiss

4. Too short

5. Biting

And when it comes to kissing on a first date, 54 per cent of you say you do, according to the survey. However, we fall behind Australians in that regard — 58 per cent of them kiss on the first date, compared with 52 per cent of Americans, 29 per cent of Germans, 37 per cent of Danes, 47 per cent of Swedes, 32 per cent of the French and 42 per cent of Italians.

Watch the video below for fun ideas to boost intimacy in the bedroom.