Adorable kids taste ice cream for first time

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An adorable gone-viral video captured kids tasting ice cream for the very first time. From the shock of cold to the immediate love of the sweet stuff, these young ones' lives will never be the same — nor will their parents' grocery lists.

"They smile, they laugh, they get it all over their faces. Though a few of these kids look pretty old — if Moose Tracks ice cream hadn't stepped in (this seems to be an ad for the brand), they might've needed a lot of frozen-dessert therapy later," Grub Street's Jenny Miller writes.

Watch these kids discover frozen heaven below:

Some critical YouTube commenters questioned why some of the children were trying ice cream for the first time at such an "old age."

"One kid was, like, 5. He's almost old enough to start his own family and he had never had ice cream before?!" one commenter writes.

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While most experts recommend waiting one year before serving ice cream to your offspring, Health Canada warns that young stomachs don't need ice cream at all:

"Babies have small stomachs and these foods can fill them up, leaving little room for the important healthy foods. Your baby is growing and developing fast and needs food to be as healthy as possible."

Pediatrician Jennifer Shu, MD, agrees that babies shouldn't be offered sweet foods regularly. But what if your 11-month-old wants what his older siblings are having — a slice of cake or scoop of ice cream — at a birthday party?

"One bite isn't going to hurt," Shu tells WebMD. "Don't make it a habit, and they won't develop a preference for sweet things like cake or juice. I'm a fan of moderation, not deprivation or excess."

How old were you kids when they first tasted ice cream? What was their reaction?

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