‘Aerosol burn challenge’ a dangerous teen fad sweeping the Internet

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It wasn't that long ago we heard about about teens engaging in the "cinnamon challenge", "salt and ice challenge" or "candy snorting challenge" -- all of which cause serious ailments, such as collapsed lungs and third-degree skin burns.

Now, the Internet is abuzz with videos of kids participating in the "aerosol burn challenge", where teens spray aerosol deodorant on their skin until the first layer literally burns off, leaving red blisters and scarring.

Predictably, parents and health officials are outraged.

"These products should be used appropriately and responsibly as extended use can lead to the freezing action producing a cryogenic burn," a spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation tells The Daily Mail. "Short term this is both painful and damaging but prolonged exposure could lead to permanent damage or disfigurement."

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In one video posted to YouTube, a young British boy who says he's never tried the challenge proceeds to take an aerosol can to his forearm while holding it there for 10 seconds. The end result is a white patch of skin that appears burned.

Common sense might yet prevail though. Another teen posted a video showing his red inflamed stomach wound two days after doing the aerosol challenge and specifically advises others not to try it.

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