Anti-Olympic joke clothing by Topshop say ’2nd place’ and ‘loser’

Sheryl Nadler
Shine On

Does watching Olympic events from the comfort of your comfy couch make you feel like  a couch potato? Does the superfitness of Olympic athletes give you an inferiority complex? Well, at least one fashion designer feels your pain and has decided to do something about it.

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In his 8th capsule collection for British-based clothing retailer Topshop, Ashish Gupta nods to the underdog athlete that lies dormant in all of us. From a heather-grey tank that proudly proclaims "2nd Place" to a cropped tee that warns "Don't Play Games" to a varsity jacket emblazoned with the word "Loser," it is a collection of clothing that sartorially celebrates the non-athlete during a time when the world is celebrating athleticism.

"I was rubbish at sports in school, and I was always the last one chosen for the football team! So I can relate to being the 'loser'! I want to celebrate the underdog, the runner up, the ones that don't get the medals," Gupta tells the New York Daily News.

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The collection, whose prices start at the equivalent of $47 and which will only be available in select stores, is a slightly different take on Olympic fashion than most Canadians are used to seeing.

The Bay, which carries the official Canadian Olympic Team replica gear, has created an incredibly wearable collection this Olympic season, featuring hoodies, tees and lightweight jackets, simply-designed with an understated approach. This, a far cry from the tropical print featured on so many of the pieces in their Beijing 2008 Olympic Games collection.

Watch the video below for the best and worst fashions of the Olympic team uniforms.