Artist reimagines classic Disney Princesses as different races

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It’s no secret that Disney’s history of portraying race is controversial – especially when it comes to their Princesses. Only four “official” princess (Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas and Tiana) are women of colour – and the brand’s first black princess didn’t appear until 2009.

That’s why Tumblr artist letherebedoodles took things into her own hands, reimagining some of Disney’s most popular Princesses as women of different ethnicities. The results are stunning!

“Fairy tales are constantly being taken out of their cultural context,” the artist, who goes by the name TT, writes on her blog. “Aladdin was originally set in China. The Frog Prince was Latin, and was altered over and over again in several countries. The stories have been and can be alterned in many ways.”

“I create racebent characters simply for fun, and because I’d love to see more diversity in our media,” she explains.

And although Disney could learn a few things from these diverse characters, TT insists she didn’t do it to highlight a lack of diversity.

“I honestly just did this for fun. No political agenda, no ulterior motives. I just love Disney and chose a few of my favourite characters to alter,” she writes. “I feel like there’s beauty in every racial background, and this is honestly nothing more than an exploration of different races from a technical and artistic standpoint.”

Disney, take note!

What do you think of the artist’s “racebent” characters?