Awesome mom builds ultimate $1,500 treehouse

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Awesome mom builds ultimate $1,500 treehouse

A Tennessee realtor looking to create a nature retreat for her two boys has built the ultimate dream treehouse -- and we don't blame her if she decides to keep it for herself.

"We wanted a space for our boys to feel independent and adventurous!" ModFruGal tells Yahoo Canada Shine.

The Nashville woman and her husband spent four weekends slapping together lumber and barn door hardware to create a suspended 8- x 8-foot treehouse on their property.

"Our property adjoins a state park, so we positioned the treehouse to overlook the park to make it feel more in the 'wild' even though it is only about 300 feet from the house," she says.

The whole project only cost $1,500. Considering the family uses it regularly in the summer evenings and for sleepovers on weekends, it was well worth the investment.

"My favorite part is the skylight -- it creates beautiful light without sacrificing privacy in such a tiny space," says ModFruGal, who has her own blog describing how they built the treehouse.

As a fan of flea markets and thrift shops, it was only natural that she furnished the treehouse getaway with secondhand finds.

"I love vintage and have furnished our main home the same way."

Considering she has zero formal training in design or building, she's pretty modest about her impressive creation.

"I'm not a writer, photographer, or designer… just a gal with a vision who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty," ModFruGal writes on her blog.

She says the most challenging aspect of the build was creating the roof, which is very high and sloped.

"A little scary for amateurs with zero roofing experience!" she explains.

Scroll below for a glimpse of her incredible treehouse.

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