Bachelor Canada starts tonight: Survey predicts winners

Shine On

Which lucky Canadian lady will walk away with the final rose on this season of the Bachelor Canada? Twenty-five women will duke it out this fall for one man's heart, and dating website has mined their extensive love database for statistics that may indicate who will win bachelor Brad Smith's heart.

According to, flaxen-haired contestants have a better chance, because Canadian gentlemen (41 per cent) really do prefer blonds. You might think the longer hair the better, but you'd be wrong — apparently 46 per cent would choose a woman with "medium" length hair. So though we don't know Brad's preferences yet, statistics indicate it would be wise to choose a lady with medium length blond hair in the office pool.

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What we do know is that Brad is a 6'1 CFL football player, and according to, you might be surprised to learn his profession might be a turn-off for some of the contestants vying for his affection. Only 7 per cent of single Canadian women think being an athlete is an attractive profession. Good thing he's the right height: Match found that women think the ideal man is between 6'0 and 6'2, which makes Brad the perfect size.

As what men look for in ladies, they are attracted to doctors, nurses and the self-employed. Canadian men like women who work in the medical field or for themselves. They also like a lady of average height: almost half of the men surveyed (44 per cent) said they'd prefer a women between 5'5 and 5'7.

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The takeaway? Be on the lookout for any 5'6 female doctor contestants with medium length blond hair while watching the Bachelor Canada this season. And while you're at it, take a minute to appreciate the bravery of these contestants. According to, less than one in 10 Canadian women would go on a reality television show to find love, and most single Canadians believe a first date on national television would be the most terrifying date imaginable.

Who do you think will win Brad's final rose on this season of the Bachelor Canada?