Best mother-son wedding dance ever? Duo wow guests with choreographed routine

Nadine Kalinauskas
Shine OnFebruary 7, 2014
Best mother-son wedding dance ever? Duo wow guests with choreographed routine

When Kathy Bunker took to the dance floor for the customary mother-son dance at her son Blake's wedding last April, guests likely anticipated something lovely.

Kathy is, after all, the owner and artistic director of Bunker Dance Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. She knows how to dance.

About one minute into their slow waltz to the Nat King Cole ballad "Unforgettable," the pair stopped, blaming technical problems with the music.

Moments later, the mother and son duo proceeded to tear up the dance floor with a party-rocking routine making for an "unforgettable" night, indeed.

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"We decided to do this only a few weeks before the wedding," Kathy tells Trending Now. "We thought that we should do something besides the typical dance."

The duo choreographed their routine on a Sunday afternoon, letting no one but the bride in on the dance surprise.

When the video, taken by Doug Larson of Pointe Digital, was first posted last spring, producers of Ellen DeGeneres's show reached out to the Bunkers.

And while the video has since gone viral again, with offers from various talk shows pouring in, Kathy insists that Ellen will be their first stop.

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Want more wedding-choreography fun?

Here's Terra and Drake Otto's viral "Dirty Dancing" wedding dance. (Don't try this one at home, folks. The risk of dropping the bride is too great.)

And here's another "Dirty Dancing" tribute.

And this is what happens when a wedding DJ challenges a guest to a dance-off.

What was the most memorable dance routine you've seen at a wedding? Share in the comments.

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