Bird poop facial anyone? People are paying $180 for them in New York City

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Bird poop facial anyone? People are paying $180 for them in New York City

If the idea of smearing bird poop and rice bran on your face for beautiful skin doesn't appeal to you, you are probably not alone. But nevertheless, zealous spa goers in New York City are trying the traditional Japanese bird-poop facial that critics say is just as effective as an apricot scrub, reports Associated Press.

Manhatten luxury spa Shizuka New York is offering "Geisha Facials," which use imported Asian nightingale excrement mixed with rice bran. The treatment costs $180 and so far, about 100 women and men are getting the treatment each month.

The cream-coloured poop is dried and finely ground, mixed with rice bran, and then applied to the skin using a brush.

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The spa owner claims the seeds in the bird's poop is a natural exfoliant and has key enzymes.

"I try to bring Japanese beauty secrets to the United States," says Shizuka Bernstein, who learned the treatment from her mother. While relatively new to the U.S., it was first used in Japan in the 1600s by actors and geishas.

While you may think bird poop facials are as weird as it gets, know that equally bizarre beauty treatments exist out there.

Fish pedicures involve soaking your feet in water filled with Garra rufa fish while they eat your dead skin. Don't worry, they don't have teeth and won't eat nail polish. The fish are only interested in dead, damaged or rough skin such as callouses and corns.

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If that doesn't appeal to you, you could always try a snail facial. Snails move about on a person's skin while leaving a sticky goo that is supposedly packed with a cocktail of proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

And snake skin pedicures use real snake skin to adhere to your toenails, meant to resemble nail polish.

What other bizarre beauty treatments have you heard of? Would you ever try the "Geisha Facial"? Tell us in the comments.

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