Brazilian school kids call out celebrity grammar errors on Twitter

Shereen Dindar
Contributing Writer
Shine On

Finally, someone is taking control of the rampant spelling and grammar abuse in social media. And who more appropriate to tackle this widespread problem than children? Better yet, children whose first language isn't even English.

Brazilian students at Red Balloon school are showing up American celebrities by calling them out on their spelling and grammar mistakes on Twitter. So far, no celebrity has replied to the children's corrective tweets.

Their saving grace is likely their age. Because really, who can get mad a nine-year-old you've never met? Even if they are making you look like a fool.

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The kids' message? Fast doesn't have to mean faulty.

“I think the main point of social media is how fast it is," Andrea Baena, an organizer for the school project, says in a promotional video. " [Celebrities] are not really worried about their accuracy. They are more worried about the message."

The children, mostly aged eight to 13, were given an assignment to find their favourite celebrities on Twitter and correct their spelling and grammar mistakes with a school Twitter account.

The examples are exhaustive and the kids are always polite.

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When they find a mistake, students read the tweets to their classmates before tweeting the advice out to the celebrities.

Baena was motivated to tackle this problem because she noticed her school children often thought celebrity grammar and spelling errors were correct.

"When [children] see their idols speaking like that they come to us and say 'But this is right, he’s American, he’s using it!'"

What are your thoughts on this school project? How would you react if someone corrected your grammar and spelling on Twitter? Tell us in the comments.