Celebs aren’t the only ones riding the wacky neon coloured hair trend

Sheryl Nadler
Shine On

Are you seeing colours? Or was that girl who brushed past you really sporting lavender locks? You're probably not seeing things — according to the Toronto Star, brilliantly-hued hair is all the rage, even with non-celebrity types.

Once almost exclusively the domain of 80s/90s-era punk icons, today multi-coloured tresses have gone somewhat mainstream thanks to pop idols like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, who regularly boast lollipop shades of blue, pink, lavender and neon red.

And now the trend is hitting city streets, where regular, every day civilians can be spotted sporting anything from dipped tresses to single neon strands to full heads of highlighter hues.

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But should regular folk follow a different set of style rules? Can everyone dye their hair hot pink and look good? Vassilena Johns, a Vancouver-based fashion stylist says that before doing anything drastic, you should take a good long look at your profession, your place of business, and how you want to be perceived.

"What do you want people to see when they look at you?" she asks. "I would not recommend it for people who are, say, working in a law firm or dealing with court or more serious matters where the hair can really be a distraction."

Artists and creative types who work in creative fields can get away with showing more personality through their hair, she says. A bold hairstyle can let people know they think outside the box, they're outgoing and adventurous. Creative types who work in a corporate environment might want to consider a full head of a more subdued version of a hot colour — like strawberry blonde instead of neon red.

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"When you look at the artists who are using it, they're very much creating and dreaming and playing. The fashion they're wearing is very forward, so I would definitely check out whether this applies to your life or if this is here you want your life to head," says Johns.

As with fashion, the colour you dye your hair should compliment your skin tone. Johns suggests consulting with a professional when choosing a shade. Don't worry about matching your clothing to your hair colour. Matchy-matchy is out. Mixing patterns and colours is in.

But if you're going to dye your hair a bold colour, keep the rest of your outfit fairly conservative, cautions Johns.

"If you're going to do kind of funky things with your hair, keep it a little bit cleaner in your clothes. Focus on one item."

Watch the video below how to get a modern 60's look with matte eyes and lips, but a shiny face.