Cheaters drink more coffee than non-cheaters

Lia Grainger
Shine On

Cheaters love coffee!

At least that's what the cheating experts over at are claiming. The controversial online affair service that connects married men and women has released some new statistics on their members' coffee consumption habits.

According to a new press release from the site, Ashley Madison users consume more coffee than their faithful counterparts. While the average Canadian drinks 3.2 cups a day, users of the affair site chug back 4.5 cups a day.

"The amount of coffee cheaters consume shows they need the extra energy to keep up with their extra-curricular activities while juggling work and family demands at the same time," says Joel Niderman, founder and CEO of

The release then goes on to caution suspicious spouses to watch their significant other's coffee consumption — as more java means he or she may be philandering. It also says to be on the lookout for an abundance of Starbucks cups, because cheaters prefer takeout to made-at-home coffee. Nearly 75 per cent of polled members get most of their caffeine fixes from coffee shops while only 25.1 per cent prefer brewing at home or work, with Starbucks and Second Cup being their favourite chains.

"Clearly, the social aspect of coffee is huge, especially in the dating world," says Biderman. "Escaping to a coffee shop allows cheaters the opportunity to check their phone messages, meet up for a quick rendez-vous, or maybe even to chat up the barista."

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