Cheese swaps that will update your favourite cheesy dishes

Shine On
Photo credit: Shareba Abdul

Sometimes a little change can make a big difference, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to cheese. You can completely change a dish just by substituting the cheese you usually use for something new.

Here are some great cheese swaps for you to try:

French Onion Soup


Photo credit: Kevin from Closet Cooking

Many people dislike the distinctive flavour of Gruyere cheese, which is commonly melted on top of French onion soup. Instead, try melting your favourite cheddar cheese on top instead, like Kevin does in his Guinness French Onion Soup recipe.

Potato Gratin


Photo credit: Shareba Abdul

This classic potato dish usually calls for shredded cheddar cheese, which has a sharp assertive flavour. I made this recipe using Monterey Jack instead, which adds tangy flavour without being overpowering.



Photo credit: Janice from Kitchen Heals Soul

Do you know that you can make a cheesecake without cream cheese? In this recipe for Fig and Honey Cheesecake, Janice uses both ricotta and goat cheese to create a beautiful light dessert.



Photo credit: Cindy from Pick Fresh Foods

Cindy makes a wonderfully Creamy Skillet Lasagna that replaces boring cottage cheese with decadent Boursin. You only need to try this once to be convinced.

Cheesy Potatoes


Photo credit: Stephanie from I am a Food Blog

Do you melt grated cheese over roasted potatoes in the morning? Step up your brunch game and use Burrata cheese, a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream, instead. Not sure what Burrata looks like? Take a look at Stephanie’s Crispy Roasted Potatoes with Burrata dish to see it in action.

Grilled Cheese


Photo credit: Matt from Real Food by Dad

Leave those processed cheese slices at the grocery store – you can do better than that! Follow Matt’s lead and try making the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich with provolone cheese.  



Photo credit: Ashley from The Recipe Rebel 

While purists will say that it’s a crime to put anything other than cheddar cheese curds on your poutine, there is really no harm experimenting with different cheeses. Take a look at this hearty BBQ Beef and Cheddar Poutine that Ashley made, which uses shredded cheddar instead, and consider the possibilities.