Chrysalis Lingerie: First lingerie line made for transgender women

Nadine Kalinauskas
Shine On

Lingerie shopping can be a stressful experience for women of all shapes and sizes.

But women of the transgender community have a unique set of fit issues that makes shopping for beautiful undergarments an even greater headache — until now.

Chrysalis Lingerie is the first-ever lingerie line made by and for transgender women.

According to the brand's website, "Our elegant bras and panties are made with luxurious fabrics seductively designed to make you feel beautiful! Bras made to hold custom full-cup inserts and panties that effectively tuck, hold, and smooth out for the perfect seamless look."

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The company plans to expand the line to include teddies, shapewear and teddies, Jezebel reports.

“A lot of women have been waiting a long time for something like this,” Chrysalis co-founder Cy Lauz tells Lingerie Talk. “Speaking from personal experience, I found no products that specifically cater to transgender women. There are some things for cross-dressers and drag queens, but they’re all sexually exploitative. I wanted a product that actually celebrated who we are, something that made us feel beautiful but is also practical.”

Products will be for sale online — check the website and Facebook for updates — this spring.

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Statistics Canada doesn't have a definitive number of Canadians who are transgender. A recent American study estimates that there are at least 700,000 transgender individuals living south of the border.

"Worldwide estimates for transwomen are 1 in every 30,000 people. Transmen are estimated at 1 in every 100,000 people. However, these numbers are likely an underestimate because they only account for trans people diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder and/or people receiving services at gender clinics, which we know are not inclusive of all trans people," reports the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health.

"The whole world is embracing the fact that humanity comes in different forms," Lauz says. "Life is so vast and so glorious there has to be more than two ways of living your life."

Only time will tell if specialty boutiques or major retailers choose to follow suit and cater to transgender clientele.