Conservatives-only dating website heads to Canada just in time for V-Day

Jordana Divon
·Contributing Writer

Wanted: A little lady who can cook, fire a semi-automatic and thinks the Alberta oil sands are the bees knees.

If this description sounds like the woman of your dreams, you no longer need to move down to the Mason-Dixon line to find her., a dating website that caters exclusively to the non-liberal singles crowd, has made the jump north of the border just in time for Valentine’s Day.

“Founder Craig Knight realized that conservatism was not just limited to the United States after he had numerous requests to expand his site to other countries. With a large Conservative population outside the U.S. it was clear the next step was to expand his dating website to include Canada, United Kingdom and Australia,” the press release reads.

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Anyone who’s ever entertained a favourable thought about same-sex marriage or abortion need not apply. The site is for all who wish to “purge [their] personal dating pool of liberals, progressives, socialists, marxists, communists, feminazis and democrats.”

Knight explains that his motivation for creating came from “wasting his time with undesirable Liberal dating options.”

He wanted to create a site that made it easy for “like-minded people who share Conservative core values” to find each other without having to sift through the morass of Obama voters and all other people who “hate America.”

The same ethos applies up north. Anyone who’s ever read a Gloria Steinem book is probably not going to do very well on here, although the site claims its goal is to show the “diversity” within the conservative crowd.

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The National Post notes that diversity by reporting every race – including Martian – is represented on the sign-up page, and atheists are even given an option in the religious denomination field.

There’s even room for “men seeking men” and “women seeking women,” although the paper mentions that few profiles could be found for either option.

A quick peek through member descriptions also shows a range of cities and experiences.
There are artists, military members, and even “trapped” urban dwellers in liberal outposts.

“I find it very hard to meet a conservative woman … living in Los Angeles does not help either,” writes one 57-year-old member.

But so far appears to be attracting far more men than women and far more amused than serious press.

Yet despite its rather heavy-handed rejection of liberal folks, they’re more than entitled to appeal to their niche base. After all, if there’s a dating site dedicated to women in prison and people who think they’re vampires, a shared love of Stephen Harper seems rather benign in comparison.