The ‘Cookie Cup’: Edible coffee cups good for the environment and tasty

Nadine Bells
Shine OnAugust 1, 2012

"Sip the coffee then eat the cup."

This is the simple summary of Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi's latest innovation.

The edible "Cookie Cup" makes coffee-cup disposal eco-friendly — but not necessarily waistline-friendly — by encouraging coffee drinkers to eat their coffee cup after they take their last sip.

The pastry-made cup is coated in an insulating icing-sugar lining which makes the cup waterproof. Because of the sugar coating, the cup is also a built-in sweetener for your daily cup of java, CBC reports.

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Lavazza, an Italian coffee company committed to both innovation and social responsibility, commissioned the award-winning cup.

No more washing dishes. No more litter. No more landfill guilt. reports Sardi has confirmed the "Cookie Cup" will be in production soon. There is no word yet on availability details or pricing.

In the meantime, coffee drinkers will have to settle for a cookie with their coffee.

The "Cookie Cup" isn't the first edible-container product to make headlines.

MonoSol has created edible packaging on pre-packaged foods. You simply add hot or cold water to a packet of coffee, soup, rice, sauce or pasta and the food or beverage is instantly ready. The tasteless packing dissolves.

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And out of Harvard University comes WikiCells, which are edible bottles imitating things found in nature, like the skins of fruit. These edible bottles are made from a biodegradable polymer and food particles, the Guardian reports. The WikiCells membranes are resistant to water and are biodegradable.

"So far, experts at Harvard University have filled an orange membrane with orange juice, a tomato-flavored enclosure with gazpacho and grape packages with wine," the Daily Mail reports.

Want to experiment with homemade edible packaging? Heston Blumenthal offers a recipe for salted butter caramels wrapped in edible cellophane here.

Or you could just serve soup in a bread bowl.

While chomping down on an edible pop bottle might be a tough eco-friendly strategy to embrace, eating a coffee cup made out of a cookie will likely be welcomed by sweet-toothed fiends.

Watch the video below for how to make a 5 minute chocolate cake.

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