Cuddle Mattress hopes to keep pins and needles out of snuggle time

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Shine On

So maybe it’s not exactly a high-ranking contender on the hierarchy of life’s great inconveniences, but cuddle fiends everywhere have all, at some point, had to massage an arm back to life after all the sensation had been removed by the weight of a cuddle subject’s body.

This is at the point in the snuggle session when you’ve been nestling for a while, perhaps even dozed off, and when you look at your arm tucked lovingly around your partner’s waist you realize you can see your arm, but you can no longer feel it.
To extract or not to extract then becomes the great philosophical question. But thanks to the innovation of a man who had clearly HAD ENOUGH pins and needles in one lifetime, marathon cuddlers may never have to hold that exhausting internal debate again.

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The Cuddle Mattress is the brainchild of inventor Mehdi Mojtabavi, an industrial designer who has essentially built a mattress with pillowy slats so your arms can sink into the holes and retain general sensation throughout the entire event.

Or, as it’s written on the product’s Facebook page: “Cuddle Mattress lets you hug your better half intimately without any wrist or arm problems. You'll sleep better and you can cuddle longer.”

Mojtabavi debuted his mattress prototype in 2007, when, according to Salon, he won a Red Dot award for his efforts. The following year he became a finalist at the Industrial Designers Society of America for the same product.

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Despite his early success, however, he’s had trouble getting investors to see the mass market potential (perhaps fear of lawsuits involving lost household pets or children, swallowed by the mattress’s many gaping maws), and his attempt to raise $75,000 through Indiegogo crowdfunding didn’t quite pan out, but the inventions is clever enough to have picked up some recent media attention on its own merit.

Though the Facebook page promises the mattress will be coming soon to an American or Canadian retailer near you, there's no confirmation on that date.

Would you be into a Cuddle Mattress or would you rather take your chances with circulation?