Dad’s hilarious — and honest — answers to daycare questionnaire goes viral

Nadine Kalinauskas
Shine On
via Reddit

An Australian dad recently filled out a questionnaire on behalf of his 11-month-old daughter, Emma, for her daycare.

He answered the questions honestly — and hilariously.

He lists her interests as "food as art/clothing," "long yells on the beach" and "firmly gripping dog's hair."

Her goals: "unplug all power cords," "overcome fear of water on my head," open every drawer everywhere," and "to walk, eventually."

Her strengths include "rapid digestion."

His friend posted a photo of the questionnaire on Reddit, where it's since gone viral.

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"I work in a nursery; Your friend would be our favourite parent," writes Reddit user splendid_serendipity.

"Wish I'd thought of this. Those questionnaires always seemed like a test to me. Like they're going to compare the answers I give to how she behaves with them. 'You said your kid's favourite food is Mac and Cheese. Well, she doesn't eat it here. She likes carrots, which you say she hates. Do you know anything about your kid at all?!'" writes suddenlysomnolent.

"I am totally astounded that my trivial musings over a glass of wine late at night in my small home in Sydney, Australia, would the next afternoon become an Internet behemoth," Emma's father, identified only as Ben, tells TODAY Moms in an email. "I simply wanted to make people smile."

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He emphasizes that he wasn't making fun of the form or Only About Children daycare — "I have nothing but respect for all the amazing people there," he insists — but did find it amusing that the questions would be asked of a parent of an 11-month-old.

A spokeswoman for the daycare says that the form brought great amusement to "all who have read it."

Ben tells TODAY Moms that Emma has developed some new goals since he filled out the questionnaire:

"(She) now intends to develop and market tiny baby-sized bungee-cords to enrich the experience of descending head-first from the couch the nanosecond dad turns his head away," Ben says.

"She is also working at improving her body-art skills... by growing a few more teeth, because two bite-marks on an arm are soooo 2013."