Dating website encourages students to find summer employment as a play thing for sugar daddies

Jordana Divon
Shine On
May 3, 2013

Summer jobs and internships, the staple of any decent college experience, are in short supply these days.

Exceptionally qualified young people hungry for real-life work experience are lining up for the chance to fetch coffee in city office buildings around the country, but there just aren’t enough mugs and filters to go around. is capitalizing on this dearth of good positions.

The dating website that specialized in “mutually beneficial arrangements” (a.k.a. gussied-up prostitution) has amped up its advertising campaign to target young women who can’t find summer employment.

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“Hey students. Need a summer job? Date a sugar daddy,” a billboard shouts from atop its highway perch in Los Angeles (a second billboard in Chicago was swiftly removed, which begs the question as to who approved it in the first place.)

Bree Olsen, a porn star perhaps best known to mainstream audiences for her role in Charlie Sheen’s Great Tiger Blood Meltdown of 2011, serves as the company’s spokesmodel, providing a not-so-subtle hint as to what they’re really advertising.

A previous billboard, erected in February, gave a more direct employment message: “Because the best job is a blow job,” it read, accompanied by an image of Olsen with her mouth forming a giant “O.” Heh heh. Get it? So clever.

As the Daily Mail notes, is owned by parent company Ashley Madison, a Toronto-based website famous for encouraging and facilitating adultery.

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Not surprisingly, the billboards have generated a fair share of flak, particularly from parents who probably had to answer a few uncomfortable questions on the drive to school.

Marketing director AJ Perkins doesn’t see what the fuss is all about.

“We are not surprised that some people don't agree with the billboard, but as they have a right to complain, the first amendment gives us the right to keep it up,” he told the Daily Mail.

Ladies, how can you resist involvement with a cause like that?

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