Dating website matches airport travellers looking to kill time

Lia Grainger
Shine On

For most of us, air travel can be a bit of a slog from point A to point B that is anything but glamourous. Lets face it — spending hours in a cramped seat demands sweatpants and Uggs, not skirts and heels.

But now, a new dating website may give you a reason to get spruced up for your next flight. connects individuals who will be waiting for flights at the same time for a drink, a meal, a chat in line…and maybe more.

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The site is the brainchild of American Steve Pasternack, who created the website after being stuck in Miami Airport for hours. It matches flyers up with individuals that have similar interests and travel arrangements according to each others online profiles.

"I noticed a lot of people at the bar looking for something to do, and I thought it'd be great if I could get them to meet each other," Pasternack tells the Daily Mail.

It's certainly true that there are few places as brimming with people looking for something to pass the time as airports, and for the singletons out there, meeting a potential mate is likely more appealing than reading a magazine or doing sudoku.

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Still, if it's a relationship that you're looking for, keep in mind that any potential dates facilitated by this site could easily be with someone living on the other side of the planet.

Yet for some users, that's exactly the appeal.

The site is apparently popular with the "married" and "looking for something casual" set. After all, it only makes sense that Ashley Madison types are eager to get on board with a dating site that matches you with someone who may soon be thousands of miles away.

So if you're looking for someone to share a plate of nachos and some conversation with during that long delay in Dallas, may be the site for you, but if you're looking for love without relocating to a distant land, you may want to stick with a website the draws from a pool a little closer to home.