Domino’s launches fried chicken crust ‘pizza’

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Domino's new chicken 'pizza' offerings.

Domino's pizza chain recently announced their new artery-clogging "pizza" -- which really isn't pizza, but rather fried chicken topped with pizza fixings.

Dubbed the "Specialty Chicken", the creation swaps pizza dough for bite-sized pieces of fried chicken, which are then topped with cheese, veggies and other meats, reports Bloomberg.

"Specialty Chicken" comes in four flavors: Classic Hot Buffalo, Sweet BBQ Bacon, Spicy Jalapeno-Pineapple and Crispy Bacon & Tomato.

It is selling for $5.99 at U.S. store locations, but is not for sale on their Canadian website.

A company spokesperson says the new item is an attempt to show they are not just a pizza joint, but are up-and-coming players in the fried chicken business.

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And considering Domino's new chicken item has cashed in on two growing food trends -- the anti-carb movement and the outrageous pizza crust craze -- they may KFC a run for their money.

Not that KFC hasn't tried the anti-carb thing either. Remember their Double Down sandwich? It replaced the bun of a sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken breast.

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As for outrageous pizza creations, Pizza Hut is leading the charge with their hotdog and hamburger stuffed pizza crusts.

What are your thoughts on all these over-the-top fast food creations? Would you try any of them?

For more on a man who's eaten nothing BUT pizza for more than 20 years, check out the video below.

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