Dumped woman gets uplifting message on takeout container

Shereen Dindar
Contributing Writer
Shine On

A recently dumped and heartbroken woman who is a regular at Truly Vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, Calif. received an inspiring message inscribed on a takeout container by the staff that work there.

One particularly rough day, restaurant patron Samantha La Rocco, 23, included special instructions with her online order.

“I’ve just been dumped. Please draw something inspiring on the container,” she wrote.

Not expecting the restaurant to even read the note, let alone follow through, La Rocco was more than pleasantly surprised when she received her salad.

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“It was the happiest salad I’ve ever had in my life,” she tells ABC. “I kept the container. It’s still in the refrigerator.”

The inspiring Styrofoam container had the message, "You're worth it. You don't need him to be happy," and included hand drawn images of hearts and the sun.

"I had just been dumped and was in full-blown break up mode," La Rocco explains. "I was ordering food in, and my hair was mess and I had my break up pants on."

She claims it was the best breakup she's ever had, and that the takeout container helped her grieve.

"I look at it when I feel particularly down about this relationship, or when some other dude does some other stupid dude thing," La Rocco tells Huffington Post.

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And in case you're wondering the best ways to get over a breakup, we've rounded up a few tips from relationship experts and therapists. Read them below.

  • Throw away the memories
  • Don't over-analyze
  • Exercise
  • End the virtual stalking
  • Take a vacation
  • Focus on the positive
  • Eat for your mood
  • Go for the rebound
  • Cry, but set a time limit to wallow
  • Embrace change
  • Talk it out with friends
  • Stop staring at the phone
  • Remember the bad times
  • Want something better
  • Keep a gratitude list

What are your suggestions for how to get over a breakup? What has helped you in the past? Share your tips in the comments section.