Fall beauty refresher: The red lip – where it works and why

Shine On

The past couple seasons have seen the classic red lip take off to a deeper, darker level. We've graduated from youthful cherry-red lips and have finally entered the school of goth.

From vampire reds to aubergine purples, these dark hues can look incredible when played right. Here are some tips on when you should – and shouldn't – pucker up your pout.

The bar or club. Having a night out with the girls or celebrating that new promotion after work? You already feel like a rock star, so start looking the part with an eye-catching pout. There's something magical about having bold lips – it's a surefire way to make you feel sexy and confident in just minutes.

The office. Depending on the style and mood of your office, you should be careful with deep reds. If you work in a serious 'white-collar' office, the dark hues may draw unwanted attention. But if you work somewhere with a relaxed and creative vibe, why not show off your inner glam?

The (first) date. No... just no. We've read enough horror stories of sticky lip gloss and godawful lipstick teeth smudges to know better. Just like the office scenario, think about the message you're sending your date by wearing vampy lips. First impressions are key, and you want to make the right one.

The shopping trip. Your clothing and makeup should complement each other, so consider what kind of clothing you're looking to buy before you brush on the crimson. If you're in the market for a sexy black dress or hot new studded booties, a bold, sensual lip is a must-do, because it will give you a better idea of what your outfit will look like on the street. But if you're shopping for an outfit for your nephew's birthday party, well – are you planning on putting on sexy lips around toddlers? We thought so.

What are other dos and don'ts of wearing sexy dark red lips? Tell us in the comments below!