Fifty Shades of Grey predicted to start mini-baby boom

Sheryl Nadler
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Fictional characters Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele from Fifty Shades of Grey may have more of an influence over society than anyone would care to admit.

Not only are celebrities clamouring to play these character in the much-hyped film version of their tawdry tale of lust, but now some experts and parents-to-be are even claiming the erotically-charged Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon may have sparked a mini-baby boom.

Yes, that's right. Linda Murray, editor-in-chief of thinks Christian and Anastasia may be behind the conception of a whole lot of kids, reports CNN. And she predicts a February spike in births to coincide with the book's peak sales in May.

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"Reading '50 Shades of Grey' is acting like an aphrodisiac for women," Murray tells Good Morning America. "It's putting them in the mood more frequently and they're having more sex and they're ultimately getting pregnant faster.

Three couples interviewed by the show confirm Murray's "Fifty Shades" baby boom theory, reports ABC News. All three conceptions were a direct result of Christian Grey's fictional prowess. All three babies will be born in February.

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And if that isn't proof enough for you, visit the February 2013 Birth Club chat room on to read posts from women who claim to have conceived because of the popular trilogy.

"50 shades of grey is responsible for our pregnancy. In fact we may give our child the middle name 'shades'" writes commenter melissaizzy.

This revelation, of course, leads us to another inevitable "Fifty Shades" baby conversation. What about baby names? Lindsay Weiss from is predicting the main character's names Christian and Ana to skyrocket in the Top Baby Names list of 2012.

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