Fired Amy’s Baking Company employee tells all on Reddit

Shereen Dindar
Contributing Writer
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Remember that story from earlier this week about Amy's Baking Company having a full on social media meltdown, insanely lashing out at customers online who criticized their service and food at their Arizona restaurant?

The restaurant was featured on Gordon Ramsey's show "Kitchen Nightmares" last Friday, but the celebrity chef walked away from husband and wife owners, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, saying, "I can't help people who can't help themselves."

After the episode aired people took to Yelp, Facebook, Reddit, and local media to slag the owners for a range of things, including buying desserts but labeling them as "homemade" on their website, and swearing at customers who complained for not having been fed three hours after their reservation.

The couple lost their cool on social media users, but later claimed their various social media accounts had been hacked and they never made the offending statements. A number of their Facebook statements are posted at the end of this article.

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Well, it appears the saga is not over. A woman claiming to be a fired employee posted her side story on Wednesday on the social networking site Reddit.

The Reddit user claims to be Katy Cipriano, the same woman who owner Amy calls "a poisonous little viper" in the television episode.

Cipriano posted a call for questions from the public, in an open and honest AMA (Ask Me Anything) Q&A.

"I think the show just brought out Amy's inner demonic soul," she writes.

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When asked about the how extreme the night of the show's filming had been, she writes:

"Samy brutally yelled at and laid his hands on that one customer, the cops did end up being called and everyone had to leave the restaurant and the producers had to pay for everyone's meals."

Cipriano also wrote that she didn't regret crying on the episode and that nothing was staged.

"None of Amy or Samy's actions were staged," she says. "People may have purposely sent back their food or falsely complained for a chance to be on TV, but that's about it. everything else was 100 per cent real."

Here are a few Facebook postings by Amy's Baking Company: