Five key wardrobe pieces for summer

As the weather warms up, it's easy to lose the layers from the colder months. Summer brings new trends, vibrant colours and exciting opportunities to express yourself through fashion.

To find out more about the latest trends for summer and how to get the perfect fit for all body shapes and sizes, we spoke with Alexandra S. Thompson, Operations Director and Buyer for Wardrobe Apparel about what wardrobe pieces to invest in this season.

Photo via Instagram/songofstyle
Photo via Instagram/songofstyle

 1) The jumpsuit

There are different styles of jumpsuits this season to flatter every shape. Strapless, sleeveless, tight and loose fitting. This summer, the jumpsuit is meant to feel more like an old T-shirt -- but looks a lot better. It is a relaxed piece to have; timeless and the colours are easy to fit into any wardrobe.

The on-trend colours this season are black, blue and white with print. The best part about a jumpsuit is that you can wear it during the day and dress it up to wear out in the evening.

 2) The white trouser

Compared to denim, the white pant can be an elegant day or night addition to your summer wardrobe. Contrary to popular belief, all body shapes can wear a white trouser, the key is finding the right fit that you feel comfortable in. A higher waist will suit a curvy shape and the lower waist will be flattering on a lean shape.

These stylish trousers can be mixed with colour on top. Remember to find the right undergarments to avoid your coworkers seeing your day-of-the-week undies.

 3) The bright cocktail dress

There are countless styles of bright cocktail dresses for summer parties.

A key piece for the dress is to pair it with your favourite shoes; heels or flats. If you feel comfortable and pretty in the dress it will show.

Find dresses that suit your skin tone and stand out from all the black and dark dresses that everyone else is wearing.

 4) The kimono

Kimonos can vary in length and come with or without fringes. You can wear the light cover to the beach, dinner, lunch or brunch. It is an easy piece that you can wear to almost any outing.

Pair the kimono with denim, black dress, shorts, a skirt or over a jumpsuit -- it's lighter, and more fun, than a simple cardigan.

5) The shirt dress

This casual piece can be worn to the beach, dinner, brunch or to lunch with your friends.

Solid colours (try denim or chambray) are flattering for different body shapes for this dress. Better yet, you can wear it with flats or heels -- it goes with everything.

What are your go-to summer wardrobe pieces? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @YahooShineCA.