After forgetting to book wedding venue, groom calls in bomb threat to cover up mistake

Nadine Kalinauskas
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After forgetting to book wedding venue, groom calls in bomb threat to cover up mistake

Two wrongs rarely make a right. Sometimes, they even land you in jail.

A British groom hoped he could cover up a wrong — forgetting to book his wedding venue — with a bomb threat.

Unsurprisingly, his plan didn't work.

Instead of confessing to his bride-to-be Amy Williams that he failed to book their April wedding at Liverpool's St. George's Hall (he had been given "right to marry" paperwork to complete, but forgot to do so) desperate groom Nail McArdle, 36, called in a bomb threat at the building a few hours before the nuptials were scheduled to take place.

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"I never had a chance to ask anything. As soon as he said there was a bomb, he put the phone down. I told my manager and he said to ring the police and clear the building," a receptionist tells the Liverpool Echo.

When his conscience kicked in shortly thereafter, McArdle tried to reveal the hoax. The entire building, however, had already evacuated -- so no one was available to take his call.

When his bride arrived at the building, expecting to be married at Liverpool Register Office within the iconic building, she found it evacuated and swarming with police. She and her bridal party waited an hour for the building to reopen. When it did, she discovered that there was no wedding booked under McArdle or Williams.

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McArdle confessed everything to police, who arrested him and charged him with making a bomb hoax.

He will be sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court later this month.

Not surprisingly, the couple have yet to tie the knot.