Gifting Etiquette: The worst gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend

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Stay away from these blunder gifts for your partner. (Photo by Thinkstock)

Are you losing sleep trying to find the perfect gift for your partner?

Of course you are, especially since you don’t want to put a damper on the holidays with an insulting or awkward gift. Relationship expert Kimberly Moffit shared with Yahoo Canada Shine her tips on what gifts you should be avoiding. Here's what she had to say:

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Lingerie or intimate attire: This idea is not as sexy or romantic as you might think! Giving intimate clothing can actually backfire and result in a big turnoff, according to Moffit. Typically women want to choose these kinds of items themselves so they can get the size and style that best suits their bodies.

Clothing: Just like lingerie, you don’t want to flub the size and accidentally insult your partner. Instead, Moffit says, “Do a bathrobe or something luxurious… but anything too intimate is going over-the-top.”


Cologne: Unless your beau specifies exactly what scent he wears you should stay away from giving cologne. “Scent is a very personal thing and we don’t know what kinds of scents make them think of certain things,” says Moffit. You mean, maybe an ex-partner or a bad experience, right?

Clothing: Your man is not your life-sized Ken doll! You may want to dress him a certain way, but you could cause quite the headache if you start giving him clothing that doesn’t match his current wardrobe. If you do decide to buy your partner clothes, Moffit suggests going shopping together to show each other what you like before buying anything.

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Household appliances: Bo-ring! It’s easy to fall into a slump if you’re already living together, but gifts like a new toaster or blender seem more like a gift for the house instead of your partner. “A nice gift is something that somebody wouldn’t buy for themselves,” says Moffit.

Have you ever received a disappointing gift from your partner? Share your stories below!

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