Gold-plated skateboard selling for $15,000

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The gold-plated skateboard is fully functional. (via SHUT)

The world of obscenely priced children's toys has reached a new level.

Allow us to introduce you to the $15,000 gold-plated skateboard.

The one-of-a-kind item is being sold by SHUT, New York City's first skateboarding company, and can only be purchased in-store.

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While the world's most expensive skateboard is probably not intended to be used, that didn't stop designer Matthew Willet from making it fully functional, with all six major components in working order.

"The board took a lot of trial and error, but in the end came out amazing," he tells the Daily Mail. "When you are in the same room as the board, you can't miss its glowing effect."

He says the manufacturing process is top secret, but that it weighs 80 per cent more than a traditional board, despite having typical dimensions -- 31-1/2-inches long and 8-inches wide

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The only catch is the lucky buyer has to wear special cotton gloves (which come with the board) to avoid smudging the mirror finish.

As it turns out, Willet isn't the first designer to create a gold-covered skateboard.

Back in 2011, artist Miya Ando designed a $5,000 skateboard from steel and covered it with 24K gold leaf on one side -- though her version doesn't come with wheels.

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