Healthy eating advocate Jamie Oliver to open U.K. hotdog joint

Nadine Kalinauskas
Shine On

World-famous chef and healthy-eating advocate Jamie Oliver is set to do what few would ever predict: open a hotdog restaurant.

Oliver, 37, is preparing to opening The Dog House & Diner on Shaftsbury Avenue in the heart of London, England's theatre district, the Independent reports.

Yes, the man who called McDonalds' presence at the London Olympics "contradictory" is about to serve up hotdogs, burgers and ribs in the same city.

Oliver's decision to jump onboard the gourmet fast-food trend has raised plenty of eyebrows, especially since he's been recently criticized for not living up to his healthy-eating platform.

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Earlier this month, the charity group Consensus Action on Salt and Health discovered that a dish from Jamie's Italian restaurant served up the most salt out of six other dishes from celebrity chef restaurants. It had more than the daily recommended intake of sodium in one serving of his game meatballs. So much for healthy eating.

A spokeswoman for Jamie's Italian insists the restaurant's own testing showed lower salt levels than those recorded by the Consensus Action on Salt and Health — and that extra nutritional training is being provided for their chefs.

"Following last week's discovery about the levels of salt found in his food, it seems the British chef has some explaining to do," the Zagat blog writes about Oliver's latest hotdog endeavour.

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Oliver does try to explain, insisting that the new diner venture isn't going to be a radical departure from his fresh-ingredient philosophy.

"Suffice it to say that the food will be some distance away from what most people would casually refer to as 'fast food'. The team are looking at higher welfare and sustainable ingredients as well as healthier options," a spokesperson for Oliver tells the Independent.

Would you try healthy hotdogs from the world's richest chef?