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Mental Floss recently listed ways to divorce-proof your marriage, according to statistical data.

As someone who's just weeks away from saying "I do" —  I'm all for setting myself up for success. It's just too bad I'm not marrying an optometrist.

Divorce-proof your marriage: Quit smoking

A 2010 study found that if one partner smokes and the other doesn't, the likelihood of the couple divorcing is 76 to 95 per cent greater than non-smoking couples, especially if the wife is the smoker.

One spouse smoking "caused more marital problems than differing religions, different backgrounds, even different plans for having children," writes Mental Floss blogger Kathy Benjamin.

So kick the habit for a longer life — and a longer marriage.

Divorce-proof your marriage: Marry an optometrist

Benjamin references a 2000 census that found that certain professions have significantly lower divorce rates than others. Among the best bets for long marriages? Optometrists, clergy and agricultural engineers.

Bartending and massage therapy are risky jobs if you're hoping to stay married, as is nursing and working in a casino. Dancers and choreographers have the highest divorce rates, possibly explaining J.Lo's trail of exes.

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"One of the things I found is that job stress spills over into our relationships. It can be not getting along with our colleagues or our boss... or the actual amount of time that we need to spend at work or doing work at home that spills over and affects our marriages negatively," Terri Orbuch, sociologist and director of a long-term study on marriage told the Washington Post.

Divorce-proof your marriage: Share chores

This piece of advice comes via a study from the London School of Economics. The study found that when both spouses are working, splitting household duties can set the couple up for longevity. If the husband fails to help out, the risk of divorce almost doubles.

"The results suggest that the risk of divorce among working mothers, while greater, is substantially reduced when fathers contribute more to housework and childcare," lecturer Wendy Sigle-Rushton told The Telegraph.

Sharing chores is also good for you health.

Let's not forget about "choreplay" either. That has to help.

Read the entire Mental Floss article here and discover why living in a 'blue' state, having married friends, and raising boys are all good for your marriage.

And in case you missed it, there's now a formula to predict celebrity divorces.

Married readers, what are your secrets to divorce-proofing your relationship?

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