Hooters tries to attract more female customers, plans decor and menu changes

Nadine Bells
Shine On

Hooters isn't just for men, or at least that's what the "breastaurant" wants women to believe.

"Historically the lion's share [of Hooters'] position was all about the girls," says CMO Dave Henninger, adding that it has traditionally targeted men. "It's worked relatively well, but we see ourselves in a bigger place than that."

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So without altering the revealing uniforms or sexist signage, the chain is devising a plan to lure in more female patrons — by offering more salads.

The revamp includes fresh (not frozen) wings and patties (women must be pickier when it comes to meat than men), plenty of new salad options, and blue cheese served with wings.

Cocktails and wine will be added to the previous beer-only alcoholic beverage list.

Seventy per cent of its American stores will undergo more significant changes, Bloomberg reports:

"They're adding amenities such as street-level patios and replacing some of the dark wood with more contemporary furnishings to evolve the beach shack vibe. One of the most important design elements will be larger windows so people outside can see in."

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Jezebel's Katie J.M. Baker tears apart the struggling chain's silly strategy, asking the question that needs to be asked:

"Why would straight women ever want to non-ironically consume sub-par wings in a sad dark wood room surrounded by photos of girls in bikinis and the type of WASTED clientele that likes to eat sub-par wings in a sad dark wood room surrounded by photos of girls in bikinis?" Baker writes.

John Gordon, principal at Pacific Management Consulting Group in San Diego, tells Bloomberg, "Face it, females are 51 percent of the population. They've enjoyed more employment growth and you can't ignore them."

But just because women make up more than half the population doesn't mean that any of them want to eat at Hooters, even if their wings now come with blue cheese.