New Indian ad shows the absurdity of leering men

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One year after the horrific New Delhi gang rape that garnered international attention, an Indian film school is trying to get men to think twice before treating women as objects to be leered at.

In the 90-second video, the filmmakers take a unique angle at combating the sexualization of women in public spaces -- by using strategically placed mirrors to show leering men just how creepy they really look.

The ad shows men leering at women's breasts and thighs in public places, such as on city streets, public transit and restaurants. As the women notice their glance, they place a mirror strategically on the body part the men are looking at, obscuring the view of the women's bodies and reflecting the men's gazes instead. Many of the men, noticeably unsettled by their own stares, shift their gaze away as they realize how uncomfortable their gaze is.

The lyrics to the Hindi song playing in the background reportedly translate to: "Look how you look when you're looking at me."

The school, Whistling Woods International, released the ad on Dec. 16 to mark the anniversary of the New Delhi gang rape that occurred on a public bus just one year ago. The victim, a 23-year-old student whom the public have taken to calling 'Nirbhaya,' or 'fearless one' (the real name of the victim was not released at the time, as per Indian law) , died two weeks after the attack, causing uproar among women's rights activists in the country.

“The horrific incident of Nirbhaya’s rape case not only shattered Nirbhaya’s family but every single Indian,” the video’s YouTube description reads. “This incident did trigger a sense of solidarity to stand up, fight against and do our best to eradicate such atrocities and gender inequality.”

Since the video was posted to YouTube, it has been viewed close to one million times and received more than 1,000 comments.

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