Intimacy 2.0: A dress that reveals sexual arousal, goes transparent

Fashion is such a fickle beast. One day skinny jeans are all the craze, and the next it’s dresses that go see-through when you’re feeling frisky.

Wait, what?

Yup, it’s true. An avante-garde Dutch art and design studio has created a dress that becomes transparent as the wearers heartbeat rises. Studio Roosegaarde is calling the item INTIMACY 2.0, and describes it as “A fashion project exploring the relationship between intimacy and technology.”

According to the studio’s website, the dress is made out of either white or black leather and opaque “smart e-foils.” These foils become increasingly transparent as the wearer’s heartbeat rises “based on close personal encounters with people.”

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We assume this means that going for a jog would also leave you topless, though Studio Roosegaarde leaves that eventuality out of the description.

Instead, they describe the dress as “perfect to wear on the red carpet.” Maybe more perfect for the third date?

While it probably won’t be the first choice of Kate Middleton anytime soon, we could see Lady Gaga giving it a whirl.

This isn’t the first time that fashion and technology have joined forces to bring the world fancy futuristic apparel.

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London interactive fashion company Cute Circuit designed a glowing “GalaxyDress” made of 24,000 LED lights, and it’s actually kind of pretty.

They’ve also designed a dress that is also a phone. Yup, it’s a long sleeved blackdress that rings. Apparently all you have to do to answer a call is raise your hand to your ear.

Looking for a dress that warns potential suitors you’re not interested? Designers Anouk Wipprecht and Aduen Darriba have designed a dress that emits a fog of smoke when another person comes close to the wearer, which, if you think about it, is kind of the opposite of the INTIMACY 2.0 dress.

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