Introducing the pajancho: A poncho, pyjama, and blanket all rolled into one

Lia Grainger
Shine On

Ever heard of the pajancho? Well you might want to lie down for this, because your fashion and comfort dreams are about to come true.

The pajancho is a blanket, pyjama, and poncho all rolled into one delightful Snuggie-like item that the company who makes it claims will go great from day to evening. Actually, to be precise, their webpage bears the phrase "PJ comfort from fiesta to siesta", which seems to imply you'd be wearing this hooded pyjama blanket to a party. Good times!

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To be fair, while the pajancho does border on Snuggie territory, which is an item decidedly not to be worn in public, this new item of sleepwear apparel has a belt and comes in some rather subtle colours like "Olé Grey" and "Baja Blue", so maybe it's okay to wear to the laundromat.

But a "fiesta"? Perhaps not.

Jezebel uncovered this delightful item, and along with it, a whole world of pyjama-related apparel that most of us have likely never even dreamed existed. The makers of the pajancho -- -- also sell matching family pyjama sets and array of pyjamas designed so that couples can match their pets. No joke.

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There are also pyjama jeans, for when you want that bedtime comfort while doing things that require you to at least feign an interest in fashion.

And if you're feeling patriotic, fear not! Over at, you can stock up on Canadian-themed pyjamas for the whole family. We're talking adult onsies with bears on the rears, folks. Take that, pajancho!