The Jaktogo: This jacket and luggage in-one lets you avoid airport baggage fees

Jordana Divon
·Contributing Writer

If you don't mind bearing a passing resemblance to Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum, the Jaktogo may offer a smart travel-gear option for your next trip.

Because as airlines start to levy increasingly complex baggage fees, one enterprising designer has invented a way to wear your luggage.

As the Daily Mail reports, John Power, an Irish engineer and frequent flyer living in Belgium, grew frustrated with the constantly fluctuating baggage fees budget carriers like Ryanair levy against their passengers.

He came up with an idea to beat the charges by creating a tote bag that transforms into a jacket — then back into a bag. Coats come in denim and pleather, although the material isn't quite enough to make these items look fashionable.

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Similarly, a dress model for female flyers won't be seen on any runways, but it certainly can pack a ton of stuff.

"I do get some funny looks at the airport but I usually sell about ten after every trip," he tells the paper.

Though high baggage fees are more of an issue in Europe, Canadians have recently experienced the changing tide of Air Canada's luggage policy.

Since October 2011, passengers traveling economy class to the U.S. have had to shell out an additional $25 for privilege of checking a first bag. A second bag will set you back another $35.

Giving the credit card an additional workout on top of the cost of a plane ticket doesn't always make for happy flying.

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And though the Jaktogo isn't exactly cheap — it'll run you just over $100 CND — that's four flights'-worth of baggage fees saved. Not to mention the satisfaction of circumventing the extra charges.

A review from travel site Skyscanner lauded the design for its plentiful space (14 pockets) and noted that the jacket had enough room to easily pack for a weekend jaunt.

On the minus side, they said the transformation from jacket to bag can be a little tricky to get the hang of at first, but motivated travelers will no doubt find a way.

Weight capacity should also be taken into consideration when packing for flights on smaller aircraft.

And if the Jaktogo isn't your cup of tea, another U.K. designer has come up with a similar product. The Stuffa jacket doesn't offer as much packing space as the Jaktogo, but it looks considerably less strange.