Kate Middleton and Prince William: What the royal baby might look like

Lia Grainger
Shine OnDecember 4, 2012

With the recent news that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their first child, the first thing we all thought of was: What will the baby look like?

Well, wonder no more.

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The Daily Mail enlisted the aid of a forensic artist to predict what the offspring of Will and Kate will look like. According to the Mail, Washington forensics expert Joe Mullins "has taken all the best features of the Royal couple and morphed them together."

Mullins guarantees the child will be "adorable." If it's a boy, he's expected to look a lot like William, with the same protruding "Windsor ears." A girl is expected to look like Kate, with a heart-shaped face and long brown hair. The CGI images that Mullins has produced are attractive amd very lifelike.

Artist Charanjeet Kondal of website Morph Thing has created a slightly less flattering projection of the royal offspring. The future child possesses each parent's most unique characteristics morphed together, and the result is a slightly sickly looking thin-haired child with large protruding ears.

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Over at British website The Poke, the tongue-in-cheek Royal Baby Maker allows users to mix and match the eyes, nose and mouth of Harry, William, Kate and Charles in various combinations on the face of what is likely the freakiest baby you've ever seen. It's definitely the least accurate of the lot, but is unquestionably the most fun. We like Harry's eyes with Charles's nose and Kate's mouth, but the possibilities are endless.

Now get prognosticating!

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